Management of Housing Communities

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • acquisition of property and documentation from a previous property manager or developer
  • technical support and ongoing maintenance
  • maintaining cleanliness and care of green areas
  • accounting and billing through a bank account of housing community
  • debt collection
  • legal advice for the basic issues
  • other services in accordance with the management contract, determined on the basis of the requirements and specifics of the various housing community

High performance of the above services is based on years of experience and the fact that we co-operate only with reliable and proven contractors in the Krakow area. We assure the highest level of services and short-term response to notifications.

The proposed service will include regular visits of the property, ensure the accuracy of execution of signed contracts, monitoring of supply of utilities and their settlement, the timely payment of received invoices, controls of cleanliness and maintenance of the common parts and equipment, as well as monitoring conditions of guarantees by the producers.

We have a license of property manager and civil liability insurance connected with property management business.


Management of residential and commercial premises

The offer is addressed to owners of residential and commercial units located in Krakow intended for rent.
Our services include:

  • optimized profits by ensuring continuous lease
  • negotiation of lease agreements signed under power of attorney from the owner
  • maintenance of the premises without deterioration and ensure proper checks
    (periodic review of devices such as gas boilers, air conditioning units, etc.)
  • ensuring the provision of premises for the purpose of implementing a mandatory survey commissioned by the administration of community or cooperative
  • monitoring of payments for utilities and rent
  • availability and short-term response to notifications by the tenant or the owner